Random Morning Perspective

In a world where externally-motivated approval, wealth-accumulating desire, and survival of the fittest are the norms of day-to-day existence, have we lost our sense of inner power, interdependence and interconnectedness?

If the lessons of our ancestors (and the results of modern neurological research) teach us that we as humans are intended to seek feelings of interconnectedness and happiness, and that we have the power to make choices, have we lost our direction?

What if, through all of these centuries, we as humans have defined God in a manner which helps us personally explain our deep desire for feelings of interconnectedness and happiness?

What if, instead of looking for these feelings externally (through approval from a perceived higher external power, wealth, or competitive success), we just focus our day-to-day living on practicing feelings of mutual interconnectedness and happiness?

What would that look like? What would that feel like?

Do we, each of us as individual humans living in an interdependent world, indeed have the power to choose how we act, how we behave, and how we interact?

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll find our own connection with God internally by taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions… and directing ourselves towards a common vision of interconnectedness and happiness.


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