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I’m Bob Speck… a coach and a consultant. And now, also a writer! I often learn by reflecting back on experiences and writing about them. So…

Welcome to my blog. I hope to share stories about learning from mentoring experiences, stories about living with an attitude of learning, and insights I’ve learned as I reflect on each step of my life’s journey (both individually and with others).

I dedicate this blog to the many mentors I’ve had in my life, primarily my parents and my uncle, but also my many other friends, teachers and coaches. I write this blog recognizing that I am making a transition in my own life to being a mentor for others in their lives. My intention is to share stories that inspire happiness and positivity, and stories that recognize that there are many magical mysteries in life yet still unfolding each day. If we pay attention to our intuitions and what we really see, and learn from the model Nature and the Universe provides, we will connect with our spiritual selves and we will find our way. In many ways, we will discover miracles, one step at a time, alone and together, one by one as One. It is my view that we are all connected… and that life itself is a wondrous and awesome miracle!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to contact me about sharing your mentoring stories, your insights, your positive wisdom. Through sharing, we learn. Through learning, we live.

For more about me and what I do, visit the other pages about my work as a coach and as a consultant.

Wolf Eyes... Wise Eyes...

Wolf Eyes… Wise Eyes…

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