Twelve-Twenty / Twenty-Twelve

Is this the end? Or, is this just the beginning?

Yes, if our days are like they have been in the past, the sun will start rising sooner and the sun will start setting later, each day bringing more and more light.

Perhaps, though, it is time for a bigger shift. A shift in energy…  A shift in consciousness… A shift in how we treat one another. A shift towards enduring light and feelings of love and compassion… Aren’t we ready for a new era in our towns and cities?

It’s the end of the world as we know it… (and I feel fine…)

Here is how I see the new era, as if it were happening now:

It is commonplace for each of us to see the unique and special qualities inherent in each other. We now scoff at the days when our relationships were based on comparison, competition and judgment.

We relate to one another with a natural attitude of acceptance, presence, dignity, and gratitude. We’ve let go of the need to always win and be better and take advantage of others.

We make one another feel safe and understood just by the way we are. We’ve come to realize that put-downs and bullying were just expressions of personal insecurities… and only bred a society of dis-ease.

We’ve come to live with nature in a way that we can sustain life. Our former habits of irresponsive consumption just vanished one day when we realized we’re all living on a finite Earth together… and everything is connected.

We’ve learned that everyone can thrive when we are each allowed to express our own personal goodness from a place of heartfelt positive feelings and intuitive decision-making. The era during which rational thinking and analytic comparison ruled our actions ended just as easily as it started.

We’ve accepted that miracles and wonderment are normal and limitless when we pay attention in the present moment to what is actually going on around us. It seemed so easy for humans to let go of events of the past and attachments to how the future should be like, once we realized that our lives are only happening in the present moment.

The idea of blaming someone else or something else for one’s own behavior or actions seems so antiquated now. Our good health, how we act, and our common survival is now up to each of us to positively affect and be responsible for… the days of a society that relied to doctors, lawyers, elected officials, and insurance providers to take care of us are long gone.

Young people are now the leaders of the world. One day, after a school shooting in an old town called Newtown, young people rose up in protest against the society their parents created… and began a new world, a new era where human relationships are based on mutual respect, interdependence, and common ground. The old governing leadership that promoted political in-fighting and self-promotion, judgment and divisiveness, and independent thinking was abolished. People realized that individual positive actions each day, each moment, actually do affect the world and everything else that happens. And only the young people of the world, unclouded by the perceptions and attachments of the old world, were able to see clearly that a new reality was indeed happening… in that present moment of twelve-twenty / twenty-twelve.

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