A Facilitator of Learning

These thoughts began today after some discussions about my work. I found myself trying to clarify my intentions for my work. I’d like to generate clear and concise plans. In the past, I’ve tended to focus on reasonable business and job opportunities available… what other people think. This time, I’m trying to take a step back and really listen to my intuition, tune into being me, and then stepping forward in ways more natural to being me. Today, these words flowed out of me…

I am a learner. I facilitate learning. I am humble… in that I look at every being with an attitude of respect and dignity, and every experience (and human interaction) as an opportunity for learning. I look at life as one big experiment. The experiential education model fits my perspective on learning and in life: do… reflect… learn and adapt… do again. I tend to see the beauty of each person’s soul… and enjoy helping people see it themselves, in themselves. Thus, I enjoy helping people find joy, inner-power, and feelings of ease and equanimity. One person at a time; one group at a time. (And because I see everything as being connected, in time and in space, just like Nature, I feel that each of our impacts in our lives on this Earth is Universal and Divine in Nature.) I care for people in a very deep, unassuming and non-judgmental way. I connect with others through my heart and feelings of compassion first. And I am very loyal to those with whom I’m connected. It’s just who I am.

When I speak of the desire to help others or be a leader, it is from this perspective. The teaching is in the facilitation of helping people learn from experiences, helping to enhance their lives, and helping them see in themselves what they haven’t yet seen. Perhaps, even helping them feel re-connected spiritually in this World .

Ultimately, we expand the limits of our learning and capabilities through being engaged with others. I am inspired by group-learning, team-building, and community-building… and the challenges of finding common ground and synergistic relationships within diversity. For me, I tend to just see common ground and positive solutions, not differences or road-blocks.

I see myself as a humble facilitator of learning… planting seeds… bringing joy, one village at a time. Being a mirror… perhaps a filtered mirror that tries to reflect back positivity.

I do not boast of these things. It is not my ego speaking. It is just who I am. In fact, in talking about myself, I feel like I am not being my natural me. You see, I respect your knowledge, your being, your experience, our relationship, with reverence. My experience is just my experience; yours is yours. Each is unique and special. We learn together through our mutual experience. I want to learn from you and your experience, your perspective! I enjoy facilitating these shared learning experiences.

When I do something contrary to my perceived self-attributes… like writing about my opinions in a way that sounds like I’m trying to sell one perspective, or when working for instance in a environments of ego, judgment, disrespect… I feel like I’m violating my sense of personal integrity.

So, I quietly observe, learn, and often move on.

From my perspective, because I just see the world this way, I tend to assume everyone sees things the same way… and sees me respectfully in this same, unassuming Way.

When I am quiet, it is often because I am bored, or not being engaged, or not being seen for who I am, or not learning, or not feeling connecting with others in a whole-hearted way. It is not that I am unhappy; my mind and heart just goes to places where I feel connected (often in a very visual and dream-state way). I just long to be connected in the present time and present space. And that connection is often created by the present experience of learning, adapting, making things better, or challenging myself through the adventure of new experiences… or practicing and teaching yoga… or being in Nature… with others.

I continue to be drawn more and more to yoga as my intended path. I feel like I have a strong intuition. Practicing yoga enhances my sense of intuition. In a way, it seems to validate deeply what I probably already naturally know in my body to be true.

Why am I writing all of this down today? I guess I’m just trying to stay true to being me. Maybe, I am just honoring my dad and mom. My dad (see my Tribute in this blog) passed away two years ago today. I am visiting my mom tomorrow. I honor her resiliency; they were together about 70 years. Now, she lives alone. That eats away at my soul…

It reminds me how much I care. It reminds me to honor my empathetic and intuitive nature. It also reminds me to keep on learning and sharing educational experiences with others.


I am just trying to find my place, my Way… and I cherish having my wife Jo (and our dog Emma) by my side. I feel gratitude for each and every person and experience (positive and negative) in my life who has helped me see the best in me… starting with my parents.

I honor and respect each of our individual paths. From my perspective, I see them with equal importance, vital importance. We may each feel small, but we are each part of something huge. We are all in this together. My life ultimately depends on me (and that feeling of responsibility drives my learning). My life also depends on each of you.


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