A Blessing from a Warrior

God has blessed me with countless blessings in my life. Some I take for granted like my ability to talk; I have 10 fingers and toes and good health. The main thing I would never forget is the 3 days I was in Love with this Angel. Some may never understand why I’m thankful but you and I know.

To hold you in my arms on the beach of a tropical island, while the sun was setting was amazing. Gazing in your eyes and both of us wishing to hold back the hand of time so this moment would never end. Crazy huh, having a struggle with time. Facing the fact that the only way I can have this beautiful scenery would be in my mind. I’ll never forget the colors of the horizon and above lit up colors never before seen, a new chemistry of love intoxicated the skies in Heaven. In fact the essence of this new Love created Heaven on Earth. The reflection of the sky on the ocean surface, and rainbow colored clouds intertwine creating breathe taking images. The sand was soft as if I was sinking; in fact yes, indeed i was deeper and deeper in Love. To experience Love was amazing. To keep Love and embrace it will be a blessing. So I want to say Thank You God for that experience of Love.

 Submitted by Joel Ettiene, St. Croix, USVI, 2011

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