Wasatch-Inspired Callings

Meditating Again


Like powerful cottonwood bending in stiff North breeze,

Steadfastly standing through cold Winter freeze,

I am here; I am present: Warrior am I.

I am present: Warrior am I.


Like granite earth lying beneath warm Spring streams,

Lovingly embracing our flow South with ease,

I pay attention; I seek heartfelt meaning: Healer am I.

I pay attention: Healer am I.


Like East desert sun on hot Summer days,

Clearly shining light as we walk together on our way,

I look for truth without blame or judgment: Visionary am I.

I look for truth: Visionary am I.


Like raindrops silently sitting on West-facing tree leaves,

Trusting Fall fate, knowing nature’s wisdom always succeeds,

I am open to possibilities without real attachment; Teacher am I.

I am open to possibilities; Teacher am I.

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