One Perspective: Daily Intentions + Long-Term Vision

Health and happiness can be found living in the present moment.

Yet, we often find our minds wandering into the future or stuck in the past.

I am a very big-picture person; I have an innate desire to understand, Why? That is, how does what-I-do-today relate to who-I-am and my understanding of myself and my life, or how do my daily actions relate to my life’s goals?

For me, once I understand my long-term vision of my life, it becomes easier for me to find ways each day to manifest that vision.

It all starts with a continued practice of understanding who I am, much of which is just learned by living life each day, taking the next step, and paying attention… being open to change and different perspectives.

It is reinforced by a mindful intention to be aware, to accept what is happening around me, and to adapt with ease and mindful intention to learn and proceed accordingly.

It is heightened by my realization that I can’t control the future and that becoming attached to an outcome might only cause suffering.

It is solidified in the inner-knowing that I am a child of the Universe, alone on the one hand doing the best I can, but intimately connected to, and supported by, everyone and everything around me.

All I can do each day is to act in alignment with my long-term vision of who I am… and intentionally bring my presence back to that mindful intention whenever my life’s experience takes me on a different path.

“Take a mindful step forward each day in an intentional direction, letting go of the last step, and having faith in the next step. Walk today towards your dreams of tomorrow… realizing everything could change tomorrow when you will step again. Act out your intentions today, and your dreams for tomorrow will live today.”

If you want to be good, walk with goodness. If you want to be at peace, walk with a peaceful presence. If you want to feel love, walk with loving-kindness in your heart. If you want to feel inner power, walk with a sense of inner knowing.

Walk your walk. Today.

Bobopelli in VC City 2014

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