Positivity and Avoiding Negativity

I am very fortunate to have always been able to see the positive side of things. Not always, but usually. Certainly, part of this comes from a safe upbringing that allowed me to explore who I was, who I wanted to be, and feel loved and supported in the process. But I believe it also comes from practice, a practice of seeing things for their beauty, yes, but also a practice of avoiding people and places that don’t support positiveness. In other words, I avoid negativity.

For me, negativity follows:

Judgment- when we accept things for the way they are, rather than place some sort of value judgment or engage in critical thinking, we are more likely to see the positive and avoid the negative;

Sarcasm- in my view, sarcasm is usually a put-down, an attempt to disguise in humor what you don’t have the courage to say directly and compassionately;

Lack of personal responsibility- when you accept that you have the power to choose, you learn to accept that you are largely responsible for your life and your own actions; you learn that the negative behavior of others isn’t an excuse for your own negative behavior;

Divisiveness- when we seek common ground, connections, and similarities, rather than focus on differences, we all win and there aren’t losers;

Unsupportive behavior- simply put, if someone or something doesn’t bring out the best in you, move on!

Resistance to change- when we let go of our attachment to the way we think things should be like, we open our eyes, our hearts, and our future to endless positive possibilities.

Positivity follows: Acceptance, understanding, personal responsibility, common dignity, mutual support, connectedness, non-attachment, and a general attitude of compassion for others and a sense of worthiness for one’s self.

Positivity usually comes from thinking from your heart-space. Negativity usually comes from thinking from your head-space.

Positivity leads ultimately to the realization that each of us is made from the matter of the Universe, connected to and dependent on all things, and with that, the deep sense of spiritual belonging and importance.

A positive person brings out the best in others, allowing everyone to be authentic and inspired.

A negative person casts shadows over others.

Positivity starts with feelings of love; love of self; love for all others.

A mentor inspires positivity and helps others avoid negativity.

A mentor casts light onto others and provides support for the wings of others to fly.

December 2011

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