The Next Chapter

Because I have devoted my last 4 or so years to full-time work in outdoor education and adaptive sports, it may come as a surprise to some of you that most of my professional career has also been devoted to structural and architectural engineering. The window of social media in my life has exposed my health and wellness-orientated work over the last few years; indeed, my social network is largely based on this recent work. There was no social media for me a half-dozen years ago!

But yes, I do have a creative mind; I have a thirst to help people find solutions…

So, yes, I’m back at it. Designing structures for buildings, especially timber-framed structures… finding solutions for structural deficiencies in existing buildings… working to revitalize community infrastructure, sustainability and resiliency.

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More than a dozen years ago, when looking to get into sustainable and green building design, I was introduced to Stevens & Associates in Brattleboro. Their office at the time was right below the offices of Environmental Building News, leaders in the green building movement . I actually did some work with Stevens then, but chose to move along when we were faced with moving due to the local school situation for our kids. That work, however, actually inspired my graduate-level sustainable design work later at Boston Architectural College.

When I decided last month that it was time for me to get back on my personal path, I called upon Bob Stevens. He offered me work! They now have engineers, planners and architects on staff, so it is a perfect fit for my architectural and engineering interests. They even do planning work for ski resorts! They are very busy right now re-designing and restoring the important Brattleboro historical landmark, the Brooks House… a former multi-story masonry hotel recently damaged due to fire… so I’ve been busy designing structural reinforcements.

And another recent client, timber-framer and home-builder Rob Wadsworth of Vermont Barns, also had work for me.

Red Tail

So, full-speed ahead! I started working for Stevens & Associates a couple weeks ago, working a few days per week in Brattleboro and a couple days from my home office in Manchester. My work at Stevens will allow me to do my design work, pursue my timber-frame and sustainable design interests, accommodate many of my previous clients, and be engaged in meaningful work here in local Vermont communities again!

And for the first time in 40 years, I will not be working every weekend at a ski resort. Hmmm. A little weird, but change is change… and I know I’ll find a role again somewhere in outdoor education and leadership, health and wellness, and adaptive sports… only now perhaps on a part-time or volunteer basis. We’ll see. The next door will open when the time is right.

Antique Heart Pine Frame

The next chapter begins… getting my feet back below me… and trekking forward! I’m so grateful to have this new opportunity. I’m also thankful as well for all of my past experiences, recent and not-so-recent, that have led me to this place.

Living and learning… appreciating the present, looking ahead.

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