Just Be Me… Just Be You

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want. -Lao Tzu

It’s been fun during the last few months working with folks at Stratton Mountain developing initiatives centered around health and wellness. This past week, we settled on a logo and concept of what we’re all about, what we want to be. The concept is centered on the word, “Be.” Be fit. Be well. Be here. Be who you want to be. Be _______. (Fill in the blank.)

I try to keep a daily practice that helps me stay in touch with me, the real me, and who I am. At the center of my being, I do indeed know who I am. The challenge is staying in touch with who I am when I work in a world that judges me based on what I do. Sound familiar? I believe it’s a struggle that we all face, a struggle we are all meant to endure, and a struggle that gives us further insight about ourselves (as we let go of judgment).

When a co-worker approaches me and says with sense of urgency, “We need to do this,” or “You need to do that,” my skin curls. I need water, I need nutrients from Earth and the energy from the Sun, I don’t need to do what someone else says I need to do. What I understand immediately is that they desire something and that they view it with a certain sense of urgency. But, it is up to me to choose whether it is something that I desire to do, and whether it is important to me (and who I am) that I do it. Knowing who I am and who I want to be, I have the power to choose what I do. 

At the heart of the matter is a simple cultural challenge: If we each act in accordance with who we are really as individuals, it will require acceptance of each other’s unique individuality if we are going to act together effectively… and within the bounds of accepted behavior in our business environment and our free society. This is where common vision (personal, business, village, society) becomes the beacon of light that guides us.

Today, I read Eoin Finn’s Facebook post shared at the top of this article. Then, I picked up an angel card that reminded me, “as you make changes in your life and as you encounter challenges, you are safe and secure…. stay true to yourself during trying times… with courage… without fear…”

So, as I approach my new work and as we as a company strive to promote health and wellness and a branding centered around a concept of “Be,” I believe our success will be a  direct function of whether we can “walk the walk” as a business community, accept one another’s unique skills and strengths, and let one another thrive as we each strive to be who we each are and who we each want to be. Our collective success will be a result of how we do what we do and how we support (and serve) those around us as we pursue our “Be” vision.

Human beings… human doings. When what we do is a direct manifestation of who we are and who we want to be, we are naturally happy, healthy and well.

Be me. Be you. And that’s okay…

As long as we can find common ground in who we are, which I personally believe will be founded on feelings of goodness, kindness, personal responsibility, mutual understanding and respect (and of course at Stratton, in a common desire to be happy in our active mountain sports community), what we do together will be okay too!

Food Shopping in Disguise in Breckenridge

A Heavenly Life

“The best thing we can do for our health is to have an intimate relationship with Nature.” –Eion Finn, Blissology Yoga


There has always been something magical for me when I’m high in the mountains where the sky is huge and the perspective is clear. I feel like I am in Heaven on Earth when I notice the sparkles of freshly fallen powder, when I take in the sweet aromas of pine forests, or when I listen to the trickle of clear mountain streams. I feel connected to the Universe. I am intimately part of something inconceivably huge. I am filled with wonder and with awe.


Likewise, there has always been something magical for me when I’m on the shore of the ocean where the sky and the sea each appear infinite. I feel like I am in Heaven on Earth when I notice the sparkles of the gently rolling waves, when I take in the salty scents of the ocean breeze, or when I listen to the rhythmic flow of the water as it moves in and out on the shore. I feel connected to the Universe. I am intimately part of something inconceivable huge. I am filled with wonder and awe.


Being mindful in the present moment and paying attention to what is going on around us allows us to see beauty, even if we are in a bustling city or on a crowded highway. Mindfulness slows us down. Yoga slows us down. Being in Nature slows us down. We become more aware of the world around us than we are when we are busy.

People often think that the health benefits of yoga are fitness, flexibility, and stress reduction. To me, the real gift is that it puts me in a state of mind where I stop and notice beauty, and in a state of grace where I feel moments of infinite gratitude and compassion.


People often think that the health benefits of mountain sports and outdoor activity are fitness, adventure, and accomplishment. To me, the real gift is that they put me in a state of being where I am intimately connected to Nature.

Cultivating this relationship with Nature makes my Spirit soar. Sharing this cultivation process with others feeds my Soul.

Tetons- Bob Cooking, Jo and Riley

Tetons- Bob Cooking, Jo and Riley

Sustaining these practices on a day-in and day-out basis is my ultimate worldly challenge, but also the key to my health and happiness… and the door which opens me up to a Heavenly Life.

I live in a valley village (and I have just taken a job in a mountain community) where there are endless opportunities for me to share this perspective, this passion. As I set out on this new path, I wonder how I will fare in a business environment that is inherently busy, extremely reactive to change, and ultimately focused on economical accomplishment.

I will set out with this intention: that by cultivating intimate relationships with Nature, by taking the time to mindfully slow things down and notice beauty, by remembering with grace that everyone around me is connected to this Natural path, and by continually practicing a Way of Being that sustains this Heavenly Life, I will Live On.