Life Transitions and My Dad

It seems like life is about going through one transition to another. After all, we all are going through one big individual and interconnected cycle as we transition from the energy of the Universe through life as we know it here on Earth and back to the Universe. But each day brings change, new opportunities, new challenges, new transitions. We apply what we learn today as we improve our life (and the lives of others) for tomorrow.

Recently, I returned from a celebration of life through yoga and music on the island of Oahu. The power and beauty of nature coupled with the love and compassion of hundreds of like-minded souls was inspiring and fulfilling. As I returned home, I realized that my father’s life was going through some rather dramatic transitions. The wonderful power of the interconnectness of family and of loving friends has become so evident to me. Life is delicate. Life is beautiful. Life is a miracle. The life we share with others is indeed a gift to be cherished each and every day. Life is about sharing love.

My parents filled my life with love. I am so thankful to be full of the feeling of unconditional love that my parents gave me. I honor that love with a couple quotes sent to me today from others:

8889_528435250541552_1385488192_n157073_460910943981187_819361164_nMy father has taught me many things… honor, integrity, hard work, loyalty and dedication. He gave me a poster once that said, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” That’s basically the model by which he lived his life. Through his life as a small-town dairy farmer in his youth, as a WWII veteran of the US Army Air Corps, as a nuclear engineer working for GE (for 36 years) as a contractor to the US Navy, as a 36-year volunteer of a local school board, as a husband of 63 years (and counting), he was of a generation that was dedicated to make life better for his family and his community and his country. He focused his life on building the new.

2013-03-20 DadI honor my dad with this post. I honor everything he taught me. I honor everything he gave me. I am who I am because of him. He is my mentor. He will always walk with me. I will always walk with him… with a life full of love… with my feet firmly planted on this beautiful Earth, and my hands reaching for a vision of life that is full of light, full of love, full of the Universe… and always together with him.

577990_10201069946617800_852437192_nFrom Oahu to Vermont, from Rockport to Burnt Hills, we walk together with love.